Frequently Asked

01. What is NFT?

NFT is a Digital Assets with ownerships recorded and certified on blockchain, similar to how ownership of Bitcoin is authenticated.

02. How can you earn CAESIUM credits?

CAESIUM offers a transparent platform providing you with the opportunity to create new tokens and earn rewards using various means on the offering. With PoW or Proof of Work, it becomes easy to provide security and verify non-fungible assets or NFA in TIME blockchain.

03. What is Caesium Staking and Mining?

CAESIUM is an integrated system for you to stake your coin. CAESIUM Staking program offers higher returns compared to the primary plays in the market. The active time within the staking program aligns you through the CAESIUM reward system. Mining is a process to validate every step in the transactions while operating bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

04. What is Proof of Time, POT?

Proof of time is being managed by the ecosystem (Game for this version) & smart contract where every user will have a unique ID for all registered ecosystems. Eco system will be active once it reaches 10000 CCU to support the time mining process. After activating the ecosystem users will be eligible for CSM rewards. They will receive reward via their active hours in eco system. As a second layer POW will verify the users in Ecosystem, user signature, time stamp, delay gaps & also safety violation & then allow this to connect with time blockchain

05. What are the real life applications of Time Blockchain?

TIME blockchain works on the basis of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and is ideal for verifying, performing and storing data and record transactions. GAMING - Decentralize Games and Decentralized Auction Platform dApps - Fleet Management, Global Product Management System (GPMS), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), and Global Education System DEFI - CAESIUM Wallet, Exchange (Trading), Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Crypto Lending, Crypto Custodial Service, and Decentralized Will Service (DWC). IoT and Blockchain - Data Security, Cryptographic Key, Authenticating IoT Devices, Usage of IoT Data Encryption, and PKI Security

06. When will the Time Blockchain ecosystem application be released?

No Yet, In 2022 Q1 We Launch the TIME Protocol BETA Version.