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Blockchain-based game for all!

TIME Blockchain is a transparent decentralized blockchain platform providing an opportunity to earn a CAESIUM token as a reward using Active Time (POT) and staking (POS). With Proof of Work (PoW), it becomes easy to provide security and verify non-fungible assets (NFA) in the TIME blockchain. TIME integrated with CAESIUM token helps the network users create new digital assets from the vast ecosystem provided, powered by the TIME Blockchain.

Caesium is a community-driven platform where gamers get to monetize their cryptos and witness real gaming experiences on the blockchain. With blockchain, we have changed the perception that games surpass the virtual and take on a real-life gaming experience.

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Time Blockchain


Caesium Ecosystem

Caesium Ecosystem works on the concept of Proof of Time. Establishing the effects of productivity surrounding the activities you perform within a distinctive period of time


Proof of Time is based on the network consensus mechanism, Proof of Time used in TIME’s blockchain is a simple way of token contribution which is dependent to the active time spent on the network.


In general, NFTs can represent digital or physical assets. Normally, game developers retain ownership of in-game assets. But non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have disrupted that precedent.


In general, NFTs can represent digital or physical assets. Normally, game developers retain ownership of in-game assets. But non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have disrupted that precedent.


DeFi is a prime example of the benefits of blockchain. This system is controlled by a large network of computers that store crypto assets.


The combination of the concept of Blockchain and IoT are often referred to as Blockchain of Things or BIoT.

Virtual Economy

Highly scalable blockchain back-end solution.

Step 1
Wallet Registration - Token Pocket

For anyone new to blockchain gaming, the first thing to do is open an account on the platform.

Step 2
Buy BNB via Token Pocket

Purchase BNB or transfer to registered BNB wallet.

Step 3
Buy CSM token and Staking it

Buying CSM Token via connect to dApp browser (Token Pocket) or directly connect via “BUY TOKEN”

Why Blockchain?

An emerging technology serving multiple verticals across the virtual world.


Data storage

Best used for storing data or transactional records in a chain of blocks connected on a peer-to-peer network and every transaction is authorized using a digital signature.


Fully decentralized

A decentralized and independent network with a digital ledger storage system bridging the peer-to-peer nodes offers transparency by distributing a copy of the ledger to all its participants.


Highly secure

Data remains secure in the network and all the transactional records are encrypted and are immutable where data once validated becomes irreversible and cannot be changed later.


Automation Potential

A programmable technology helping generate systematic actions or events in an automated manner once and only the criteria are met accordingly as per the algorithm.


Unanimous technology

Transactional data can only be validated once the network participants of a blockchain network agree to validate each of the data being added to the network.


Growth potential

The exponential growth of blockchain is achieved from the convergence of public and private blockchain into an ecosystem where participants collaborate in a secure and virtual way

Road Map

The Journey of Caesium


Initial Research and Development in Blockchain Game

Technical Architecture of TIME Blockchain

White Paper published

ITO (Initial Token Sales)

GITEX → T-DeFi Conference -202

GITEX → T-DeFi Conference -202




Established Company in Singapore as inaugurated reputable ethical company

Venture Capitalist (VC) Fund Secured

Project(s) Curated Industrial Valuation and Investment Secured

Large Scale of R&D investment for TIME BLOCKCHAIN and GAMING Secured


ALPHA RETURN GAMING development into as 100% BLOCKCHAIN gaming with latest Technology and version

Team Enhancement (Market Analyst, Operation Team, Technology Expert, Marketing Specialist, Gaming Team/Time Blockchain enlargement and enrichment, Digital Marketing specialist, Cyber Security expert and many more specialist was hired

Final Discussions on Public Listing in Stock Market (US Based)

New Enhanced Marketing Package and Farming/Staking Package

Virtual and Physical World Tour on promotions being planned

Top Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security deployment progress

Digital Marketing as a priority at world class level

Network Marketing launched

REAL project participation as CAESIUM enhancement system provider especially in GREEN RESORT project, Carbon Credit, Blockchain Valley, Digital Healthcare, Digital Exchange and many more

Curated Future Projects with depth market study

Establishing Operation HQ in ASEAN country

Establishing Regional offices around the globe

VERY INTERESTINGLY – INTRODUCING CAESIUM PROFIT SHARING (CPS) as FIRST EVER AUTO PLACEMENT PROFIT SHARING a ROCKING scheme to provide wealth management for participating people. (This is a unique and proven way to assure LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS)



POT (Proof of Time), POC (Proof of Capacity), POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Staking) with Scalability, Secured and Fully Decentralised Unique Solution fully functionable

Market Value Projection (2022-2023)

CSM Token 16 Million
Pre-Minted < 1%
Circulation 5.2 Million CSM
Token Price 2-100 USD
Raised 5.3M USD
Market Cap 5.2M USD
Binance Smart Chain

CAESIUM as ECOSYSTEM EFFICIENCY system provider such as EHS Management System, Global Production Management System, Fleet Management System, Global Education Management System, Validation and Verification System, Customer Management System, Wastage Management System, Environment Management System and all kind of tailor-made efficiency management system

PROJECTS – Proof of Concept

  • ALPHA RETURNS – Future of Gaming Launch
  • Future Projects – Smart Factories, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Cybersecurity, E-Education, Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Exchange
  • Digital Asset Wealth Management - CPS 2 and CPS 3
  • Metaverse
  • Avatars Creation
  • NFT launching
  • CAESIUM STABLE COIN – CSGD based on Singapore Dollar 1:1
  • Google of Blockchain
  • Listing in US Share Market

Launch TIME Blockchain powered by CAESIUM

Support integration with SME’s and Developments

IoT and Blockchain

Create your NFT portfolio

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