Blockchain gaming is the new crave due to the ability to translate virtual rewards from a player’s gaming experience into real-world value. It is a concept that has exploded in the past couple of years as players yearn for a meaningful gaming experience that rewards them for their time and effort. If you’ve heard of any crypto gaming platform, and are keen to find out how they work, whether you can really earn crypto by playing them, and much more, our guide today should settle all your doubts. Let’s get started with your most pressing concerns about play to earn crypto games. 

How do play-to-earn crypto games work? 

Well, the concept is fairly straightforward. Although execution varies across different game providers, the underlying principle remains largely unchanged, for the most part.

In-game assets are nothing new when it comes to gaming. However, traditionally, game developers still retained rights, particularly in terms of ownership, over players’ in-game assets. But that all changes in the play-to-earn model where the shoe is now on the other foot.

Here, players put their time into the game, and the non-fungible tokens they get from it are completely theirs. You can choose to sell these in-game NFTs for cash or save them for the future, but whatever you do is entirely your own choice as you can’t lose these assets. Tokens aside, some games will also allow players to generate crypto as they play. 

When it comes to this gaming model, rewards are often distributed based on the popular algorithms of blockchain namely:

  • Proof of Stake (PoW)
  • Proof of Work (PoW)
  • And a new and unique architecture- Proof of Time (PoT) 

All these three models power our crypto gaming platform here at Caesium Lab. Our first-of-its-kind TIME blockchain ensures that players who put time into the game don’t end up empty-handed. You are rewarded for the active time you spend in the network, which is further compounded by a staking concept. 

More on how crypto playing games work 

With play-to-earn crypto games, you increase your chances of getting valuable assets, the more you take part in the game. As the game and its community grow in terms of players, so too will the value of the player’s assets.  In most models, players will have the ability to earn money by either generating crypto, or NFTs, which they can then trade in the marketplace. 

Strategy and skill remain at the heart of most crypto gaming platforms today. Players who understand the game better and polish up their grasp will likely have a better opportunity to earn more revenue or tokens. However, the good thing about blockchain-based gaming is that it promotes an all-inclusive and diverse gaming community. Players of all skills from anywhere globally can enjoy blockchain-based gaming and still significantly derive an income from them regardless of location or ability. 

Can you really earn crypto playing games? 

It is now possible to earn from the metaverse, all thanks to Web 3.0 Crypto Game Play to Earn Games. And yes, you can earn crypto by playing these types of games. While you may not need to quit your 9-to-5 just yet, the fact of the matter is that some titles are providing huge financial returns that might just tempt you to do so. 

As of 2021, there were 3 billion gamers globally. The gaming industry is massive but even more growth is in the offing, driven by the surge of : 

    • Play-to-earn models
    • Blockchain technology 
  • Non-fungible tokens 

Crypto games can be so profitable to the extent that we’ve seen in-game digital assets sell for north of $820,000! So can you really earn crypto playing games? Absolutely. For the most part, you’ll complete in-game tasks, and for your trouble, you’ll get valuable NFTs or cryptos in return 

So what is the best play-to-earn game in Crypto? 

Well, you’re glad you asked. Here at Caesium Lab, we serve up Alpha Returns, a first-person shooter game where you can enjoy the thrill of the moment across a variety of settings, namely: 

  • Mountains
  • Snow 
  • Fabrication 
  • Dessert 

You get to fight against enemies using cool weaponry, as you clock your active time in the network for reward. Every player you defeat in the game earns you points. If you’d like to take Alpha Returns for a spin to get a feel of crypto gaming, be sure to download the game at no cost right here on our website. 

Is it wise to invest in crypto gaming and what are the benefits? 

If you’re still on the fence about crypto gaming, we have some statistics for you that will help you make up your mind: 

  • Across 2021, half of the blockchain usage was down to gaming
  • In 2021 Q3, in-game digital assets exclusively brought in revenue of over $2.3 billion
  • $ 1.1 million is the priciest crypto gaming NFT ever sold to date

So as you can see, the math all adds to crypto gaming being a high-potential investment. The industry is still in its early stages, but the sooner you can get in on the action, the better. 

That said, what are the benefits of taking a chance on crypto gaming? Well, for one, you get to enjoy a robust and secure gaming environment, where you can explore your passions and get paid for it. What’s more, crypto play-to-earn games often create a customized and personalized gaming experience while monetizing collectibles obtained throughout the game. 

Don’t miss out on all the crypto-earning fun!

You now have a pretty good idea about Web3 Crypto Game Play to Earn Games but are you ready to take the leap and begin making money playing games? Sign up for your Caesium crypto wallet right here so that you don’t get left out on the fun. In our Caesium community, your time is money, and our proof of time model ensures every second you put into the network counts for something. So be part of the bright future by getting in on Caesium tokens now. Or start by downloading our app, which is available for both Android and iOS.